Cant import cd to itunes mac

Import songs from CDs into iTunes on Mac

Posted on Dec 11, 7: Make sure Copy files to iTunes media folder when adding to library is checked. Posted on Dec 11, 8: Page content loaded. Dec 11, 7: You can configure it to automatically import the CDs. You can also change the default compression which have a bitrate of kb.

iTunes: How to Select Tracks from a CD to Import

Dec 11, 8: I answered with good intention! I can't import a CD into iTunes.

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Any answers? An error occured during import: LAME failed Arguments: Hello, and thank you for all the info.

Looking for the best quality of course and have noticed a lot of of downloadable music is Lossless, and those are both already available on iTunes. Would it be worth it to aquire LAME? OR am i missing it somewhere?

Import songs from CDs into your iTunes library

You can review our privacy policy for additional information. Better still: Click Yes in the window that appears. Dec 11, 7: Apple Lossless. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten:

LAME failed 10 Arguments: I am trying to import a music file which has the following characteristics: My laptop crashed a few months back and I lost all my music in itunes. I was able to copy the music I had on my ipod but now it is too times comsuming to add it all back one by one.

How to Rip a CD with iTunes

Can you help???? Any pointers? Thanks, Anna. My Itunes library is on an external drive. I just downloaded this software and would like to convert my entire music library.

How to Rip Music from CDs into iTunes

Problem is, my library has 55, songs. How could i go about converting all with Lame without having any duplicates? This will only work if your original library was copied using Apple lossless. An excellent article! Also checked preferences in iTunes and cannot see how to keep these dupes from being imported. Is there a way? Thanks, by the way, for posting all this.

Choose what happens when you insert a CD

You can import songs from CDs into your iTunes library. If you're not connected to the Internet or if iTunes can't find the CD's information, songs appear as. In iTunes on Mac, import songs from a CD, choose what happens when you insert a CD, If you're not connected to the Internet or if iTunes can't find the CD's.

Yes this is true. So if you are upgrading lower compression and want to overwrite duplicated, just delete the old album from iTunes first.


There are apps to find and remove duplicates. To delete the duplicates you have to go through an arduous task of selecting the extra copy.

Optimise for voice will make a better quality recording for spoken word, but worse for music. Speech and music are different in terms of the frequencies involved, so if itunes knows what you are compressing, it can aim to optimise it.