Mac cosmetics difference between nw and nc

NC or NW In MAC??? Which Exactly Are You???

I counted about 11 different formulas in the store! If you have combination to oily skin, the non-hassle option would be to get a powder formulation while those with dry skin might want to get a liquid formulation. If you have dry skin and want to keep things matte, Studio Fix Sculpt Foundation P2, is a gel-type formula that dries to a powder finish.

Difference Between NW and NC

Keep that in mind next time your getting color matched and ask them for a mirror and walk around the department store till youre able to find the best natural light. C foundation 10 years ago, never paid attention to what the mua picked for me then, which was brilliant. Follow Us. February 9, at am. Most cosmetic companies follow that Neutral Warm should go with warm skin tones, and Neutral Cool should be used with cool skin tones and their corresponding undertones. Good luck! New posts will not be retrieved.

To cop the Korean dewy skin trend, get the new Studio Waterweight Foundation P2, , which is designed to work for any skin type. How does a foundation-matching happen in a MAC store? It all starts with the MAC makeup artist getting to know your skin.

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They usually ask about your skin type, how much coverage you want or feel comfortable wearing, the kind of formulation you want to try, and the type of finish you prefer. Based on your answers, the artist can recommend the product that they think will suit you best but you can also request to try any product that strikes your fancy.

All three shades are swatched on your jaw line to see how they blend with the color of your bare face and that of your neck. This is very important because the two can actually have different skin tones!

The start of term | A lesson on the MAC colour system

If your neck is much darker than your face, the artist will find a shade that lies between the two so that it blends more seamlessly. To be absolutely sure that it was right for me and so I could see how it would look when worn, he applied NC37 all over my face with a stippling brush.

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Should my concealer be the same as my foundation shade? Ryan says that because concealers are used to cancel discolorations like dark circles and pimple marks, you have to use a concealer shade that will make the area blend better with the rest of your skin. Cosmetic companies and manufacturers use a lot of terminologies in order to classify their many lines of cosmetic products.

Beginner’s Guide to MAC Shades in Base Makeup

These terminologies are also used for the sake of their consumers. Consumers often buy the product with the closest shade to match with their natural complexion, skin tone, and skin undertones. A person can have a warm skin tone with yellow, orange, or olive undertones by having green or yellow veins.

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A person with blue veins is classified as having a cool tone with blue or pink undertones. A combination of blue and green or yellow veins produces a neutral tone. Skin tones are very important because they often indicate what cosmetics, clothes, or hair color will complement or flatter the skin, and more importantly, the person.

Cosmetic products, particularly skin products, are developed for every skin tone. They usually have five classifications for their products: warm, neutral warm, neutral, neutral cool, and cool.


Both neutral warm and neutral cool serve as a combination between both shades of neutral and intense warm or cool. People with warm tones can use warm shades while the cool shade complements people with cool tones.

The neutral warm and neutral cool shades are for people in-between the warm or cool shades and the neutral shades. Cake Day.

MAC NW or NC ? Six beginners questions about MAC skin shades - Peachesandblush

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