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He also genuinely cares about Connie's safety and well-being as seen in " Winter Forecast ", as well as in " Full Disclosure ". In " Alone Together ", after they have a dance, they accidentally fuse to form Stevonnie. They are overjoyed by their ability to be fused and enjoy being Stevonnie , although it appears that they cannot control when they fuse.

It seems to happen when they dance together while thinking about their feelings for each other. Connie, however, is terrified of the thought of her parents knowing about this or any of the magical things she does with Steven. It is for this reason that she lies to her parents about Steven in " Fusion Cuisine ", saying that he had a traditional nuclear family.

When he found out she lied, Steven feels hurt, believing that she was embarrassed by him. Fortunately, after she explains that she was simply scared of her parents not letting her see Steven again, he forgives her.

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In " Sworn to the Sword ", it is shown that Steven and Connie function extremely well in combat as a team, with Steven defending Connie with his shield and protective bubble while Connie attacks using her sword-fighting skills. Together, they manage to defeat multiple versions of Holo-Pearl and their ability to work well as a team was enough to surprise Pearl initially. However, Pearl is able to defeat them after she overcame her initial surprise. Pearl later admits that they work well together after she calmed down. In " Cry for Help ", a picture of Connie can be seen in Steven's room.

During " Steven's Birthday ", he expresses the assumption that Connie will become president as an adult and worries that his stunted growth would make him the "First Boy " when that happens, implying that he wants to marry her. Steven still seems to become awkward whenever Connie is close to him as shown in "Steven's Birthday" when Connie laid her head on Steven's chest. Along with their love for each other Steven and Connie share an equal partnership and friendship.

Both instances show that he relies on her intelligence good sense. He has some connection with him, as Steven is the only one who can enter his pocket dimension. Lion is also seen to be caring towards Steven as well as being aware of Steven's needs, like when Lion kept lying on Steven's head to show Steven his pocket dimension where it contained, among other things, a video left by Rose Quartz for Steven, after he said he wanted to know more about her in " Lion 3: Straight to Video ".

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Sadie is one of Steven's friends who, unlike her co-worker Lars, is friendly, considerate and affectionate towards Steven. Steven also helps Sadie to strengthen her relationship with Lars in " Island Adventure ". Steven also filled Sadie's place in Beach-A-Palooza in " Sadie's Song ", after realizing how he and her mother ignore her feelings to singing, later he is shown playing his ukulele with her singing having a sad smile on.

This could hint he really is sorry and is trying to be more respectful to her wants. Lars appears to be annoyed by Steven. He is always making fun of him, although this may only be because he is jealous of Steven for being a Crystal Gem. However, in " Lars and the Cool Kids ", he became angry with Lars and called him a jerk for insulting his mother. In some ways, Steven looks up to Lars, and is excited at the chance of being able to receive a high-five from him in "Future Vision".

However, Steven does not hesitate to call out Lars on his bad behavior at times. Onion is Steven's friend whom he talks to in the episode "Bubble Buddies".

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Steven addresses Onion as if they are good friends. In " Onion Trade ", Steven gives his favorite action figure to him as a gift, despite the fact that Onion had originally stolen it. When they are not together, Steven expresses some confusion as to who and what Onion is, being unsure if he is even human in " Marble Madness ". It is there that Onion shows Steven around his room, inviting him to feed his pet snake and show Steven his collection of G.

Peedee is Steven's friend whom he helped out in the episode " Frybo ". Thanks to Steven, Peedee earned the respect of his father and did not have to wear the Frybo suit anymore. They have a generally professional relationship of customer and cook despite him usually ordering off the menu though still enjoy each other's conversation.

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She wants to get out of the mirror and "tells" Steven how to do so. After she is free, she warns Steven not to trust the Crystal Gems and walks away. In "Ocean Gem", Steven is the one who insists on speaking to her and gets angry when she refuses to do so and hurts him and his friends. However, he understands Lapis' desperation to go home and heals her cracked gemstone, which, as a result, restores her eyes and wings.

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She thanks Steven before departing back to her home planet. In " The Message ", Steven defends her and sings a song all about her and the previous events. Steven is very concerned about her, as he was distraught by her unhappiness while she was delivering the message. Later, Lapis gives Steven a message; she addresses him specifically. Later in "Chille Tid", while the Gems are searching for Malachite, Steven's motivation is to save her from her fate of being trapped with Jasper.

He soon discovers he can communicate with her through his dreams.

While talking to her, Lapis refuses his help, saying, "Just let me do this for you! She easily carries him on her back and plays around with him in the air. Steven becomes friends with Centipeetle in "Monster Buddies" when he accidentally pops a Gem bubble which the Centipeetle Mother's gem is in. At first, she is unwary of her surroundings, being scared by the presence of the rest of the Crystal Gems. By approaching her calmly and feeding her Chaaaaps , Steven managed to calm her down, and later train her. She is even willing to risk her life to save Steven from a falling icicle.

Steven believes she is not a monster and that he can help heal her in the future. In "Monster Reunion", Steven defended Centipeetle from the Gems because they believed she would still be unstable, despite Steven healing her, however, she shows a great deal of appreciation after Steven reunites her with her crew.

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Steven did not really know how to feel about Peridot when they first meet, but he seems to want to befriend her in " Marble Madness ", approaching her without fear and even trying to have a friendly conversation with her. Of course, this does not go as well as he hopes and almost gets crushed by her. Despite this, he still believes she can be good and even said that maybe if she sees how nice humans are she might not want to hurt anyone.

In " Keeping it Together ", Steven is the first to find her. He quietly waits for her to finish her report instead of alerting the others until she notices him.

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When Peridot asks if the others are with him, Steven tries to lie by shaking his head "no" until he nods "yes" with an apologetic shrug. During the chase, Steven seems to care about her when he asks if she is okay after falling off the wall. In "Friend Ship", Steven is kind to Peridot by wishing her a good morning and weekend. During the battle, instead of being cold and ruthless to her as she does to him and the rest of the Crystal Gems, he teases her instead. In "Catch and Release", Steven is worried and wants to know what Peridot is trying to say at the Galaxy Warp , and chooses to pop her bubbled gemstone and release her.

After he finds out she is short, he calls her cute and teases her, leading to Peridot slapping him in some playful way. After offering her the foot of her limb enhancer suit, Steven becomes the only person Peridot allows into the bathroom after she locks herself in. Peridot seems to take the gesture extremely well and is on much better terms with Steven by the end of the episode. In " When It Rains ", Steven comforts Peridot and explains the process of rain and says it is harmless. After Peridot steps out in the rain, she claims she has made up her mind about telling information about the The Cluster , leading to Steven giving permission to go to the Kindergarten only if they hold hands the entire way, due to Steven having to watch over her.

Their friendship has been getting stronger, and they are trusting each other more, although in " Too Far ", he is visibly upset or embarrassed at her calling him a "hybrid abomination". Returning from a mission to the Moon base, Steven notices a small object in Peridot's hand. Steven asks Peridot into a truck to discuss something. Tricking Peridot, he locks her in the truck to question her about the object. Peridot reveals that is a direct communication line to the Diamonds.

Shocked at her apparent betrayal, Steven leaves her locked in the truck and tells the other Gems of what occurred, very upset at Peridot for having learned nothing. Peridot soon escapes and activates her robot to retrieve the communicator. Once she obtains it after a fight with the Crystal Gems, she opens an interface to Yellow Diamond.

Peridot reports the progress of her mission to her, omitting the interactions of the Crystal Gems.

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6 Tháng Bảy "Thuộc lòng" 9 nguyên tắc sau trước khi phối đồ cùng quần ống loe, Chúng ta đều biết quần ống loe là một trong những trang phục thú vị nhất trong lịch sử thời sở hữu một cặp chân thon nhưng không nên mặc quần ống loe quá bó) Ống quần được điều chỉnh cho rộng vừa phải, sao cho người nhìn. Trước khi bạn muốn biết mua quần jean sida ở đâu hoặc quần jean si đẹp bán ở đâu? điều gì vượt trội hơn quần jean si giá rẻ không thông qua bài viết dưới đây: Vì sao quần jean hàng thùng lại tạo thành cơn sốt hiện nay? quần áo đã qua sử dụng nhưng còn tem mác không bị lỗi nên vì thế rất được ưa chuộng.

She then pleads a case to Yellow Diamond to stop the Cluster and spare the Earth , which Yellow Diamond spitefully denies. She then orders Peridot to let the Cluster be and report for her next mission. Outraged, Peridot refuses to follow Yellow Diamond's commands and greatly insults Yellow Diamond, marking her a traitor. Steven exclaims that her actions against Homeworld have made her an official Crystal Gem. When the Cluster was beginning to emerge Steven and Peridot go down in the drill to destroy it. During a brief moment when the possibility of death is very real, Steven expresses no qualms about dying in Peridot's company.

During this time he also says his "last words", which are "I love you, Peridot" to her, showing his care for her. Steven finds Sardonyx funny and articulated as in " Cry for Help ". It is known that Sardonyx has taken a liking to Steven too.

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Steven first meets Opal in " Giant Woman ". He is very eager to meet the fusion when Amethyst and Pearl reveal the information and the concept of fusion to him. First meeting her after she rescues him and Steven Junior from the Bird Monster, he is somewhat intimidated.