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LogTen Pro
How the flight planning software works

This powerful application has become essential for all our pilots. Not only does it bring security, it also helps us to gain time during our interventions.

Its user-friendly tools and elements are a valuable asset to our pilots and they help to reduce their workload. The Air Navigation Team consists of young dynamic people that always strive to meet the customer requirements within a reasonable time.

Flight Planner 3000 Software

Whether at home or abroad, the app provides all the useful information you need for your flight. Among its more popular and most used features are the moving map, live tracking, route planning, and 3D synthetic vision to name a few.

Aside from that, the app comes with How passionate are you as a pilot? How many aviation questions do you have in your mind that often keep you up at night or lose yourself in those thoughts?

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The internet is a massive place filled with opportunities to learn with most of the basic information that can be accessed for free. The pilot community on Instagram has grown 5 times bigger since the app launched in It is a favorite platform among photography enthusiasts, creative brands, and influencers who want to share experiences in creative and visually appealing ways.

How To: Run Flight Planner on a Mac

We love flying! Plan your flight from home and synchronize it with your tablet or smartphone.

Worldwide airspaces and waypoints databases plan your routes and estimate distance and time for your flights in just a few clicks. Get your free account now! Previous Next.

How the flight planning software works

Air Navigation Pro is a flight planning and real-time aircraft navigation We specialize in software development for the iOS, Mac OS X, Windows and Web . The RocketRoute flight planning software used in combination with PC's, MAC's, Tablets, iPads and Mobile Phones gives accurate, fast and easy instructions for.

If desired, the entire route from departure to arrival can be created without reference to any navigational aids or official airports. This is handy for bush pilots who often use unlicensed airfields and small landing strips or seaplane landing areas. Helicopter pilots can also quickly create plans that depart from off-airport locations like building rooftops or land on a road.

Plans created this way label the waypoints automatically with airport and navigational aid identifiers taken from the Nav Data e.

Top features of pilot's favorite flight planning tool

Produced using iBooks remarkable format, this Power User Guide has something for everybody? By leveraging the 'Powerful Simplicity' of QuickPlan's interface, you will develop flight plans in minutes that would have taken hours.

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Informative and entertaining, this is a must have for any QuickPlan user. Download a Sample Chapter from the iBooks Store. Latest Release: Version 3.

Free drone flight planning app for optimal 3D mapping and modeling

QuickPlan can be used in Freeform Mode , Advanced Mode , or a combination of both: Freeform Mode: Simply click anywhere on the map and QuickPlan will allow you to add it as a generic waypoint. Runs on macOS! What's New in Version 3. It is totally visual. There may be other flight planning software out there with more bells and whistles but nothing even close to the ease of use, simplicity, and speed of implementing a solution.

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