Change my username on mac

Enter the new name for the home directory remember, the home directory and the short name that you'll be changing in the next few steps must match. In the Users and Groups preference pane, click the lock icon in the bottom left corner and then supply your administrator password this may be the password for the spare admin account, not your normal administrator password.

From the pop-up menu, select Advanced Options.

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Edit the Account Name field to match the new home directory name you created in the steps 2 through 7. Change the Home Directory field to match the new name you created in step 6. You can click the Choose button and navigate to the Home Directory instead of typing in the new name. Once you have made both changes account name and home directory , you can click the OK button. Log out of the administrator account you used to make the changes, and log back into your newly changed user account.

First rename the home folder

If you can't log in, or if you can log in but can't access your home directory, chances are the account name and home directory names you entered don't match. Log in again using the spare administrator account, and verify that the home directory name and account name are identical.

The full name of a user account is even easier to change, although the process is slightly different for OS X Yosemite and later versions of the operating system than older versions of OS X. Click the lock icon in the lower left corner, and then supply the administrator password for the account you're currently using. Right-click the user account whose full name you wish to change.

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  • How to Change Mac User Account and Home Directory Name.

OS X and the macOS has come a long way from the days when typos in account names were something you had to live with, unless you were willing to look up various Terminal commands to try to correct a silly mistake. Account management is now an easier process, one that anyone can handle.

How to Change Your Username on a Mac | Digital Trends

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He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Updated September 28, Each user account contains the information below; well, actually there's more information that goes into a user account, but these are the three aspects we're working with here: Full Name: As you've no doubt guessed, this is the user's full name. It can be also be used as the login name. For example, Tom Nelson. Account Name also called the Short Name: This is a shortened version of the full name; for example, tnelson.

Change the full or the short name of your macOS account

Your Mac will actually suggest an account name based on the full name you entered, but you can use any name you wish. The account name will also be used as the name of the home directory, as well as the login name. Home Directory: As mentioned already, the Home Directory and the Account Name will be the same.

Make sure you can revert back to the old system if anything goes wrong. We wish to change this for a new user, Jane Doe, with the username janedoe. You need to use a second account on the Mac with administrator privileges to make the change.

Change the full name

Today in Apple history: He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. You will find the option to Log Out under the Apple menu. General-purpose computers are terrible for creativity [Opinion]. Log out of this administrator account, and log into the account whose name you have changed the new name should now be visible.

Two things need to be changed in this dialog: For Account name simply replace bobsmith with janedoe. Double-check the entries for spelling and typos, then click OK. Your Mac will ask Are You Sure to confirm you indeed want to make this change, so this is the point of no return. These actions change the Mac user ID record internally for the account.

We now need to rename the actual home directory.

How to Change Your Mac OS X User Name and Password

Launch Terminal, then type the following at the command prompt:. Make sure you type the old and new usernames correctly, then hit Return.

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You will be prompted to enter your admin account password. This command moves mv the entire folder from the old location to the new one, which in this case is effectively just a rename operation. When finished quit Terminal and System Preferences, then reboot your Mac.

Then rename the account

It is possible to change the username on your Mac to something else - perhaps because you've changed your name, inherited someone else. You can rename your macOS user account and home folder, which were Change the “Account name” field to match the new name of the.

Upon restart the account name and home directory will both have been renamed to janedoe. This is a common setup for servers and can also be used on any system where you want to keep things separate, such as having the Operating System and Applications on a Solid State Drive and the user data on a larger but slower hard disk drive. As above, log out of the account to be changed and log in to a second admin account. In the Advanced dialog box leave the account name as is bobsmith but change the location of the Home directory. Using the Finder create a folder named Users on the Employees drive.

Then, change the Home directory entry as follows:. Correct entry and spelling of this data is critical. Verify there are no typos, then click OK to save these changes. Terminal is your next step, and this time the files will actually be moved between the two hard drives.