Problems opening zip files on mac

Zip files don’t unzip Mac OSX

Any home computer is going to run into problems downloading and unzipping files that are several gigabytes in size.

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Mike Slade. My Mac has top specs and don't has any problems with performance. I just did a test. I just press download button and Flickr makes for me 8 zip files One is to go to Camera Roll, sort by date uploaded, select a few hundred files, create the zip and download. If the download or unzipping don't work try again with fewer files.

How to open ZIP files

The other was is to go into Organizer and create albums of a few hundred files each then download by album. I also seem to recall that some Windows zipping utilities I think WinZip but I"m not sure have known errors with expanding very large zip files. If your file downloads okay but you have problems unzipping it you should look for an alternative like 7-zip or WinRAR. I am trying to download my photos and I keep getting the message "this zip file has expired". What can I do to get my photos, I don't want to lose them. Thanks P. I tried the album and got the same message Posted 14 months ago.

Browsing a Zip File Without Unzipping It

On Macs, you should simply be able to double click on the zipped folder to unzip. If the files almost completely unzip then a small window pops. Zip files are archives that function as a single compressed package of a either multiple files, a folder, or a single item. Zip files are frequently.

I think its due to thing that everybody now tries to download their files and servers are going crazy. Lauris Aizupietis : confirmed bug. Zipping last night worked as expected. Zipping a smaller album just now doesn't work it's been an hour and I haven't received notice that my download is ready. I tried to download only 7 files after failing to do files.

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Still get error. I requested a couple of zip files more than two hours ago so far nothing has turned up, no big deal I'm guessing the demand is very high at the moment.

Unarchiving Mac Problem

Lately downloading of files is nightmare. I am only ever downloading files, tops. Sometimes switching to another browser helps I use Firefox and Chrome.

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More often than not, nothing helps. I am geting really frustrated. Is it time to move to another service? These problems only started several weeks ago. Having the same problem flickr has turned into garbage. Posted 13 months ago.

How to Open Zip Files on Mac OS

Most downloads went through without any problem. I had to wait up to 20 minutes until the ZIP-file was created.

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This tab is below the pink "Compressed Folder Tools" heading at the top of the window. After uploading your file, the extracted contents should begin downloading to your Mac. I have been able to open two zip files over 20 zip files, the smallest ones 4 pictures inside the folder but I cannot open the big zip files 50 pictures inside the folder and of course, I need to open the big folders. What you need to do is isolate what exactly is causing the problem, is it the El Capitan OS itself? Method 1.

In one case I ran into trouble and I got a network-error. But in this case I was able to choose to resume the download. And that worked!

In other words: I was not necessary to restart the download completely after the network error. I could resume the download at the point where the network error occured.

So it didn't work perfectly for me. But when You get a network error You should look if it is possible to resume the download without having to restart the download completely.

How to Open Zip Files on a Mac

This is totally useless. It is not a help forum. Everybody describes a problem but nobody from flickr describes a solution. I am trying to download 4!!! Must bve a bug. What to do? I have huge albums over 60 images so I am taking the smaller ones if it is ovr files Flickr sends it in two parts.. I have a positive feeling once Smug Mug takes over all these problems will end as Yahoo nor Ms Marissa Mayer ever cared for Flickr ,, for her acquiring Tumblr was more important than giving better features or upgrade to Flickr ,, Once Oath came in they just dumped Flickr to a third party Flickr wont respond ,, Posted 13 months ago.

Your zip file of items is ready to download Inbox x Flickr Mail AM 1 hour ago to me Your zip files are ready! Fix the disk permissions.

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Operate the zip command to correct any corruption of the content of an archive. If the command executed successfully then, quit from the terminal. And check if the error 2 no such file or directory persists or not. If none of the methods from the above work for you, connect with our experts to get effective solutions and fix the error instantly. The professionals are always there to assist you with useful solutions. Or else, you can drop an email at our email ID. The experts will surely reply to your email within a moment.

Mail us : support applesupport Blog and News Technician can fix the issue! The following steps will help you to fix the glitch: Solution 1: At first, start by opening the Terminal. Solution 2: At first, start with the Mac Application Store. Change the default programs which are opened in your device. Finally, open the file and enter the password.