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Ca dao is actually a Sino-Vietnamese term.

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People used to call ca dao "phong dao" because the ca dao reflects the customs of each locality and era. Ca dao can consist of four-syllable lines, five-syllable lines, six-eight or two seven six eight, can be sung wholecloth, without the need to insert fillers like when people ngam the typical poetry. For example, take the following six-eights. Vietnamese ca dao is romantic writing that serves as a standard for romance poetry. The love of the labourers is expressed in ca dao in many aspects: romantic love, family love, love for the village, love for the fields, love for the work, love for nature.

Ca dao is also an expression of people's intellectual struggle in society, or in meeting with nature. Hence, ca dao reflects the emotional life, and material life of humans, the awareness of working and manufacturing in the social, economic and political milieu in a particular historical period. For example, talking about self-control of "four virtues, three conformity", women lament in songs:.

Because their fate is more often than not decided by others and they have almost no sense of self-determination, the bitterness is distilled into poem lines that are at once humorous and painful:. Romantic love in the rural area is a kind of love intimately connected to rice fields, to the villages. The love lines serve to remind the poets as well as their lovers:.

A distinctive characteristic of ca dao is the form which is close to rhyme rule, but still elegant, flexible, simple and light-hearted.

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They are as simple as colloquial, gentle, succinct, yet still classic and expressive of deep emotions. A sad scene:. A girl, in the system of tao hon, who had not learned how to tidy her hair, had to get married, the man is indifferent seeing the wife as a child.

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But when she reached her adulthood, things. Ca dao is also used as a form to imbue experiences that are easy to remember, for example cooking experiences:.

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For example:. In this form, ca dao does not directly say what it means to say as in the phu, but uses another image to compare, to create an indirect implication, or to send a covert message. I am far away from you, just as a dragon away from the clouds Like a cheo beo bird far from the mang voi plant. When you eat, you only eat the nice stuff But when you work, you only choose the tiny task to do. Rhymed verses in Vietnam are born of provers, then phong dao becoming melody, and chuong that can be sung. Six-eight literature, or two-seven all originate from here.

The history of collecting and compiling proverbs, folk poetry and songs only started about years ago.

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These compilers copied proverbs, folk poetry by Chinese-transcribed Vietnamese words, then translated them to Chinese words and notes, meaning to compare Vietnam folk poetry with Quoc Phong poems in Confucian odes of China. At the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, books about collected tuc ngu and ca dao written in Nom appear.

Into the 20th century, books collecting these heritages written in quoc ngu Roman script appear. Hence, it can be said that the six-eight form originated from proverbs and folk poetry. Rhyme is the bolded word. Six-eight is usually the first poetic inspiration, influencing many poets in their childhood. Through the lullaby of ca dao, or colloquial verses of adults.

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Due to the gentle musical quality of six-eight, this form of poetry is often used in poems as a refrain, a link or connection, from rough to smooth, gentle as if sighing or praising. Poetry with no prosody, no rule, no limits on the number of words in the line, no line limits, appears to have been more adapted to a mass audience. With the free poetry using the "dong gay" technique, presenting long lines and short, to create a visual rhythm, when read aloud, not according to line but to sentence, with the aim to hear properly the sound of each word. Visual rhythm is the most important thing, because through it, the reader can follow the analytic process to figure out the meaning of the poem.

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The word "free" can be understood as the escape from the restraint of poetry rules. The poets want to chase after his inspirations and emotions, using words to describe inner feelings instead of being constrained by words, by rules. They do not have to be constrained by criticism until they have to change the words, ideas until the poem becomes a monster child of their emotions. The musical nature of Vietnamese poetry manifests in the use of onomatopoeic words like "ri rao" rustling , "vi vut" whistling , "am am" banging , "lanh canh" tinkling , etc.

Word play abounds in Vietnamese poetry. Imagery , or the use of words to create images, is another fundamental aspect of Vietnamese poetry. Simple scenery, accentuated at certain points, gently sketched but irresistible. These images are beautiful and tranquil, but they can also be non-static and lively. When objects are described in poetry, they are often personified. Using verbs for inanimate, insentient objects is akin to breathing life into the objects, making it lively in the mind of the reader.

Such lines contain metaphors and similes.

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Xin hoi toi nen tiep tuc chua tay y hay chua dong y, bai thuoc hoat huyet phuc cot hoan co tot khong, uong bao lau thi het benh? Nhung khi nguoi do quay lai va bat gap anh mat cua nhau, minh bat khoc con nguoi do thi nhin mai khong nguoi. Chac chan mot dieu la ban thuong xuyen su dung sua chua khong duong thi da man ban min hon, giu do am, da sang va cam thay it tuoi hon. Some prominent "New Poets". Thai do vo tu, than nhien, an tinh la dac tanh quan trong cua Tam Xa.

Humorous metaphors are commonly seen in poetry written for children. Structure of the poetry is the form and the ideas of the poems combined together. Official Website. Toi bj vjem xung huyet njem mac hang vj muc do vua , njem mac hang vj co phu ne. Ban phai tan dung het kha nang dan ong cua minh de tim hieu duoc van de do. Metacafe Affiliate U Subscribe Unsubscribe 2 Watch Queue Queue. Boi vi co con tre, co hoi su nghiep dang den, khong the bo lo de chay theo tinh yeu.

Kho noi lam. Su co don do no nhu mot con dao giet mon tinh than minh,minh that dau kho chang tha huy hoai than xac minh con hon la tinh than minh lam cho minh luc nao cung thay dau kho,dan vat. Browse Pages.

Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Letter to disiples no. Nguoi dep khong can mac quan ao. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Co gi dau ma phai thac mac,chi co nhung thang dan ong ngu moi khong biet. Thai do vo tu, than nhien, an tinh la dac tanh quan trong cua Tam Xa.

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That ra, truoc day Lam Tam Nhu tung mo uoc co mot nguoi ban trai de tam su, chu khong phai luc nao cung tam su voi bo me. Nam nay minh 36 tuoi. Em co chut that mac a anh kg co nguoi yeu sao ma phai tim ban tinh va neu nhu sao nay anh co nguoi yeu thi co con tim tinh nhan ben ngoai nua kg a ,.

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Tam Khong Mac Do. Bo do tui dang mac la cua can bo cho muon. Truoc nhung loi trach cu cua cac fan, Lam Tam Nhu danh giai bay nguyen nhan.

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Loading Close. Nhung nguoi lo trang phuc cho Lam Tam Nhu tu choi voi ly do co mac khong quen so vuong ma vap nga. Cho chau hoi la chau khong nen lam gi khi moi om day, va co nen tam va goi dau bang nuoc lanh hoac nuoc nong hay ko?. Chao bac si.