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You severely underestimated the world of VNs then. It's several GBs large. Of course it's gonna take a super long time to download. Even more so if you don't have high-speed internet. I finished downloading but I lost the file. When I say lost I mean lost in my huge library of folders Curse me and my gaming try a while back Wait wait I'm downloading this part by part and So I need the whole thing to play?

Damn here I was thinking that it was seperated by parts and I could just chill playing part 1 while part 2 was downloading You clearly do not understand much about. The file itself has been split into parts and you can't extract the files until you have all the parts downloaded.

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Your idea is pretty much trying to take a fragment of a disc and play the game with just that single fragment. It just doesn't work that way. Again, stop with that "novel mindset. You can't play a game with only a portion of the files. Even if you could, things can, and most likely will, go bad very easily. No like, Corpse Party had chapters Or parts, or whatever Can I bash your head in right now? Can I? I really really really really really want to right now. I'm already mentally exhausted from working on my novel.

Can't handle this stupidity right now Also is it wierd that I'm laughing at myself for getting bashed at? No I'm serious I can't stop laughing at myself. Welp, I finished installing about time and I'm gonna play it next week. You may want to use a walkthrough for the choices to cut down on time required to finish all the playthroughs.

Not needed, but it's especially helpful for games where it's possible to get bad or non-endings and you don't feel bothered enough to find the right answers for yourself. Just saying though, it's kinda fun to play VNs with many bad ends, trying to figure out how to get the route you want, as well as unexpected scenes you might get if you poke around.

I suggest doing at least one playthrough unassisted, then go walkthrough afterward, for completionists' sake. Unless of course you're like me who has too many things on his to-do list to go through that process. I'd rather spend hours trying to reach the good end. On the game though, I played it a bit yesterday when the wiki got nuked and Erm, I thought Eiichi was a nice guy for a sec My god XD.

The chapters are only indicative of which sections of the story correspond to each possible ending. Oh well. This one was nice But Tsubaki route had too little detectiveness. Instead it had drama. Welp now let's play Usami route Hahaha, I did the same thing, but after looking at the context of this thread I figured it was something else. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor.


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Save changes Preview Cancel. You sure you're not confusing Visual Novel with Light Novel? With the exception of some So what are the chances? Edited by Kyureki , October 2, What if the area is animethon close? Anywho, what stage are you at? Still need to download the game, need to install, or what? Now I'm confused as heck. Heh the window simulator I'm currently using has the name "VM simulator". VM eh? No clue what this Wine you're talking about is so iunno.

Eh, it's a windows simulator Emulator for mac. My god it takes forever to download this One hour for part I said it'd take a long time. But I didn't think of this as in this way! I should have expected it shouldn't I Damn it XD. Oh my god I finished downloading but I lost the file.

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I guess I should completely refresh my folders and download again And it took me literally the whole day to download up to part Yep defenitely underestimated the VN world. Dayou na Dom force movie download. Vindecari miraculoase video downloader.

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G-senjou no Maou - The Devil on G-String (PC)

Is that… the meaning of fate? October 20, at am. Romdeau says:. Krasus says:. Ramanichandran novels link tamil download. Baka- Tsuki does. Nobody says:.

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