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Quick Look is already an easy way to look at files quickly, but macOS Mojave takes that accessibility even further. With the update, you are also able to quickly and efficiently use Markup to edit files you open in Quick Look.

Additionally, Markup is implemented into screenshots. You are able to bring up any screenshot and instantly edit any content within. Being able to swiftly crop screenshots in macOS Mojave without any third-party photo-editing software is going to be a huge time-saver. That's not all. Screenshots are still a simple shortcut away, but with macOS Mojave, a new easy-to-use menu includes screen-recording tools that allow you to capture animated content. And, perhaps most importantly, you can choose to save the screenshot to your clipboard, saving time — not to mention space — if you just need to send someone a quick screenshot.

These apps leverage the power of the best Macs to deliver an awesome experience. In fact, since these apps are specifically redesigned for macOS, they feel like new Apps. Like you, Apple is concerned about your device security, and now macOS Mojave asks for permission with more features, including the camera and microphone.

On top of that, Safari also has its own share of security enhancements. Those include shutting down cookies that track you across websites, and making sure that Safari asks permission before it allows cookies of any kind to access your browsing data. The App store has been a crucial part of macOS for years now, but it always seemed a little out of place. That all changes with macOS Mojave. It really does bring the Mac App Store into the modern age. But you can also manually download the updates:. Click Updates on the left side menu, then click Update All , or the Update button next to the apps that you want to update.

To get exclusive access to the newest features and updates, and the opportunity to send feedback directly to Microsoft, join our Insider program.

How to download and install macOS updates

See if your Mac is ready for macOS Mojave, the latest version of macOS. OS X Mountain Lion or later, you can upgrade directly to macOS Mojave. When Software Update says that your Mac is up to date, macOS and all of OS X updates by choosing Software Update from the Apple menu.

To learn more about the insider program, see this page. Select Insider Slow or Insider Fast. Insider Slow gives you early access to fully supported builds with minimal risk. Insider Fast is a good option if you want the earliest but unsupported preview builds that are released more frequently. Select Accept and then Check for Updates , to download the Insider updates.

You can find Release notes for Office for Mac here. Need help with Microsoft AutoUpdate? Open Safari and download the latest version of Microsoft AutoUpdate. Open Finder.

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Run Microsoft AutoUpdate. See How to remove Office license files for help. Find out how to get a copy of the macOS Catalina beta here.

How To Update Mac with Apple Software Update (OS 10.8 and earlier)

Well, clearly there have been problems with Catalina we'll go in to more details about them below but Apple has already issued one Supplemental Update and another update is on the way, so the company is addressing the issues quickly. If you are keen to install Catalina you might be wise to wait until it is clear that macOS If you rely on apps that may not work in Catalina do not install the macOS - or look at a way of running it in tandem with Mojave.

How to install MacOS Mojave

We recommend installing Catalina on a separate volume, it's surprisingly easy. Read: How to dual boot macOS for more information. Installation problems : If you have problems during the update process we offer some advice here: How to fix a Mac stuck installing macOS. Apple has actually fixed a couple of problems with the installation process in the 15 October Supplement Update mentioned above.

Sidecar support issues : Some people are finding that the promised Sidecar features aren't working. It should be possible to connect an iPad to a Mac to use it as a second screen, but some people are getting an error that "Service Not Supported".

It's possible that your Mac doesn't support the feature or that the iPad isn't supported, of hasn't been updated to iPadOS. Apps don't work : If you are still using bit apps they will not work in Catalina. It's more likely that you need to update to the latest version, rather than the software developer being at fault, but this can be frustrating if you rely on that app and don't want to sign up for a subscription program as is the case with many apps these days: Microsoft Office, Adobe CC. DJs are complaining that their apps aren't working due to changes to the way that Music syncs playlists with third-party apps.

There is also the potential for other apps to stop working down the road as Apple has requested that all apps now have to be 'signed' to work on the Mac. Previously this only applied to apps sold on the Mac App Store, but now all apps will need approval from Apple before they can run. If you see an: '[App] is not optimized for your Mac and needs to be updated' this is probably why.

We have this article about the apps that don't work in Catalina , and here's what to do about that 'Not Optimized for your Mac' warning. We saw the message a few times after installing Catalina and had to type in our details on a few occasions. Then enter your Apple ID and password here.

MacOS Mojave 10.14 has arrived: How to download, best new features and more

There are also reports that not all files have been downloaded from iCloud Drive. This is likely a bug that will be addressed soon. Peripherals not working : If your mouse, keyboard, printer or other gadget has stopped working that may be because the drivers are bit.

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Find out if there is a driver update, and if not you will need to update the peripherals. THe advice is to log out and in again, but of course loging out of iCloud can disrupt various things stored in the cloud, which is a concern. Missing Mail : Some users have reported Mail data loss after installing Catalina. Despite the issues mentioned above, there is a lot of good in macOS Catalina, and many good reasons to update.

Here's what you can expect from Catalina. We'll start off with perhaps the most exciting piece of news for Mac users and even more exciting for developers. Apple is making it easier for developers to port iOS apps to the Mac. This is good for developers as they won't need to spend time and money writing code for two different apps. And it is good for Mac users because they will see an increase in apps available on the Mac platform.

While iOS and macOS share common foundations, it's not easy to port an iOS app to the Mac because the two user interfaces are somewhat different. Apple has found ways to adopt specific behaviours, for example, drag and drop, so that they can be translated to the Mac. By unifying the app development it is hoped that third-party Mac apps will be updated more frequently. Currently, most development funding goes to iOS apps. A March Bloomberg report suggested that the project would eventually allow developers to create one app that works across iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices, but that ability won't arrive until For now it's more focused on iPad and Mac.

There will still be two separate apps, but developers will only have to write the underlying code once. Catalyst is based in Xcode. All the developer needs to do is check the Mac box alongside iPhone and iPad and Xcode will build in curser control and windows control. This means that one development team can build the one app for iPhone, iPad and Mac. The process of porting apps will be simplified, so developers will hopefully be willing to do so. Catalina also brings Sidecar, Apple's name for a procedure by which a iPad can be used as a second display, or as a graphics tablet.

Users will be able to use their compatible iPad alongside a compatible Mac as a second screen. It will be possible to plug the iPad into the Mac, or connect it wirelessly using Bluetooth and Continuity the range is 10 meters. It is also necessary to be logged into the same iCloud account - so you would have to be using your own iPad, you couldn't just share your Mac's screen to someone else's iPad we imagine that's a security measure. With the iPad connected to the Mac the user will be able to add a second screen on which they can extend their Mac's Desktop, or mirror their Mac's screen.

You'll be able to use the mouse to drag windows over to the iPad display, for example. You'll also be able to use an Apple Pencil to point and click and draw, for example when using Markup tools. And it will be possible to take advantage of the multi-touch gestures on the iPad and the new text editing gestures for that device.

macOS High Sierra: Everything you need to know about Apple’s latest Mac operating system

This may be the closest we'll be getting to a touch screen Mac unless it convinces Apple that should be a thing. When connected to your Mac this way you will be able to use any of your Mac apps on your iPad as if it was running macOS.

You won't be able to share the iPad screen on the Mac display - this only works from within macOS so it's not going to allow you to use iOS on your Mac. This might be bad news for the developers who make solutions that currently enable the iPad to be used in this way, but it will certainly appeal to Mac users who also own an iPad and want a second display that they can carry around. It's also bad news if your Mac doesn't support the feature.

Disappointingly, it's reserved for post Macs, in some cases Creative users will be able to use their iPad as a graphics tablet while using the apps listed below. When an iPad is linked to a Mac using Sidecar it will gain a Sidebar, giving access to controls and shortcuts. Developers shouldn't have to do anything to add Sidecar support to their apps, it should just work, although they may want to build in some extra functionality to take advantage of the iPad touch screen and Apple Pencil. As we said above, Apple has finally got rid of the cluttered iTunes app and instead is offering three separate entertainment focused apps that will be familiar from iOS: Music, TV and Podcasts.

Previously it was possible to watch movies bought or rented from the iTunes Store inside the iTunes app, but there is none of the functionality found in the TV app, including the way it integrate with other streaming services. Now, just like the TV app on iOS, you will have access to everything you are watching on the TV app on any of your Apple devices or other devices that have the TV app via Up Next so you will be able to carry on from where you left off.

There will also be recommendations in Watch Now based on your viewing habits and the opinions of Apple's team of editors.

How to get updates for macOS Mojave

The TV app will also feature the Apple TV channels - so you won't need to install separate apps to watch your favourite shows. If you have a recent Mac it will be a great screen to watch shows and movies on. It was no surprise that Apple announced its plan to break up the Mac version of iTunes, its rather bloated media management and jukebox app.