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Accept all the installer defaults. The installer takes a few minutes to install all the components: When notified by Windows Security the installer will make changes, make sure you allow the installer to make the necessary changes.

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In this step, you start Docker Toolbox and run a simple Docker command. If the system displays a User Account Control prompt to allow VirtualBox to make changes to your computer. Choose Yes. The terminal does several things to set up Docker Toolbox for you. The terminal runs a special bash environment instead of the standard Windows command prompt. The bash environment is required by Docker. You type commands into the command line which is the area after the prompt. Your cursor is indicated by a highlighted area or a that appears in the command line.

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I have over a dozen Mac socket sets and a lot of their other tools. I don't break them very often but when I did there was never a problem getting them replaced. Some cities have Mac tool guys who have been around for a long time and some cities like mine can't seem to keep one for more than a couple of years. The same can be said about Matco and Snapon. Both of mine have been around for decades but that's not true in every city. Now if I have a broken tool I just take it with me on road trips to other states in case I run into a Mac man.

They have always been more than happy to warranty a tool even though they know I'll never be their customer in the future. I have nothing against Matco, and other than the price I have nothing against Snapon, but Mac has always been good to me. This latest issue with my slides proves that.

Tool Box Lock Replacement:

Hey guys, I just picked up a used old MAC toolbox for almost nothing. Only problem with it is that the cabinet lock is busted (actually missing). People search for the answer how to Pick a tool box lock. This question is the people who lose the key of his tool box. When you lose the key.

Just wish I hadn't waited three years. For hand tools stick with the guys in your area who have been there a long time and will still be there if you break something. Tool boxes are a different story. We make our living with our hand tools and we need them replaced when they're broken.

We don't make our living with a tool box. If a wheel or slide breaks we can still work on cars and trucks. The MB is one of my all time favorite boxes. It has the classic MAC look with the traditional butterfly drawer pulls. I used to have an MB and although it's a very nice box, after getting it, I wished I had gotten the MB for the extra hight. Thread Tools.

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User Name. Remember Me? Posts: Send a private message to yfz Find More Posts by yfz Re: mac tool box question Anybody. Re: mac tool box question I'm not familar with Mac stuff in general, but what size are the boxes?

Install Docker Toolbox on Windows | Docker Documentation

Send a private message to plinker. Find More Posts by plinker. Re: mac tool box question Sounds like a pretty good size box to me, And if it's in really good shape it likely is worth it. Re: mac tool box question Thanks for your in put the one thing I'm worried about is I'm not sure of any Mac guys in my area. Re: mac tool box question I have not done any warranty dealings with them, but others have.

Re: mac tool box question Anyone with a Mac box have any input. Re: mac tool box question one cavaet on big boxes -- make sure the prior owner has paid for it!